Friday, January 7, 2011


Sculptor Roberto (Anthony Steffen) arrives in a small village to restore an ancient statue. He meets Harriet (Barbara Steele) who bears an amazing resemblance to the statue. Upon complete restoration of the statue, Steele begins to take on the psychotic traits of the woman upon whom the sculpture was based a woman the townspeople believe was a much-feared sorceress of local legend.

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  1. An excellent and unique entry in the Gothic horror genre which flourished in Italy in the 1960s.A dubbed english version was never released in the US, which is in fact a good thing since dubbing (and the censorship of the time, of course) inevitably and invariably detracted from the sensual and emotional impact of many films which otherwise would have been splendid.Although "An Angel for Satan" contains its share of violence (including rape),many of its scenes are none the less heartbreakingly tragic, a quality not often associated with films of its sort.