Thursday, November 26, 2009


The ultimate monster store Horrorbles, hosted an evening with Chicago Horror Host Svengoolie. The Chicago Ghouls were there to meet the Chicago legend.

Sven, Roy, & Don

Horribles Owner John Aranza & Myself

The Grim Reaper entertained us while waitng in line.

Collectible Svengoolie card

What I got signed

Horrorbles is located at 6729 W. Roosevelt Rd. Berwyn, IL
Check them out at
Svengoolie airs Saturday nights at 9 pm on WCIU 26


  1. That looks like a really cool store, I wish we had something like that in NY. And even though I don't live in IL, I love Svengoolie and I'm jeolous you got to meet him.

  2. GOD I miss the years of network ran shows. Kids show hosts, monster movie hosts, late late late late night hosts. Those were the days!!

  3. Svengoolie was a big part of my life. He was one of the key things that kept me out of trouble when I was younger. Every week I counted down to Saturday, eagerly waiting to see what movie was going to be on. And Sven's bits and songs are fantastic. I'll still remember lyrics from his early 80's tunes.

  4. awesome, sven is cool, he has a myspace page and he will respond to things sent... koz is such a cool cat!

    emonster, plainfield, il